Hello, my name is Bella Glynn.

I graduated from Wake Forest University with a bachelor’s in Economics and a minor in Mathematics. My final and most challenging, yet deeply rewarding, year and a half was spent abroad studying at two world-renowned universities – University of Cambridge and London School of Economics, with some of the most brilliant professors and individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing – and co-founding a start-up CinemaRama LLC.

Growing up as a refugee from one of the most brutal genocides, where infants were regularly killed for the sole purpose of destroying enemy morale, I knew I had to use the gift of life to do something extraordinary and to better the world.

My life story is quite unique and not completely depressing.

As one of the first refugee families to arrive in the US, we were lucky to have been resettled in Richmond, Virginia as it was home to a well-known Croatian. The Catholic Diocese of Richmond reached out to the city’s only Croatian – William Belanich – to see if he could assist by serving as a translator to help us settle in.

As you can see from the picture above, our story became so much more than just a simple “translation-needed”.

To learn more about my life and how one man transformed not only my life but the lives of hundreds, sign-up to the mailing list and I’ll keep you apprised of the status of my work-in-progress autobiography.

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